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Where does our product fit in?

MDWeb product does not compete with generic Electronic Clinical Record (ECR) systems designed for public hospitals. The product is designed to operate independently, however, it can also integrate with existing systems, to provide a customisable disease-specific information system integrating and processing data from other systems in one place. For example, chronic disease care in nephrology, oncology or diabetes needs data storage and processing functionality not typically available in a generic ECR. Our product is easy to set up and customise without programming knowledge. Integrating with an existing ECR will require cooperation with your IS department or ECR vendor. Modern standards for data exchange will be supported, with generalisation and customisation to cope with dependent systems change.

As well as the chronic disease setting, the product can serve any need for an online accessible "database", for example a multi-centre research project or a Registry.

Because the application is "user-adaptable" minimal re-working is required to deploy a new product or installation, reducing the time and cost and improving reliability.

Note: April 2018 - full product range remains under development at present, expressions of interest welcome. The developer has a full time job.

How an MDWeb Application works

An MDWeb online application is built from a framework of pre-built generic components that can be extensively customised. This has the advantages of rapid development, and improved reliability, as the components are well tested, reliable and work together. Components are assembled as required around a database schema design to create a fully functional application. It can easily grow or change as needed over time.


User accounts, "claim based" access control

Standardised user account functionality, includes full user self-service for signup and forgot password etc. Features as follows:

A full explanation of what a "claim-based" user account system is available in the product Documentation. What this means is that any amount of extra information can be stored for users, and fine control of exactly what each user is able to access is possible. Users are given "Roles" which pre-define a set of Data or Access Claims. A User Administrator can manage user accounts and completely configure the access control system. It is more than capable of handling thousands of users with two levels of grouping.

Appearance and Navigation

It is possible to completely customise the visual appearance of an application. An existing web site can be extended with MDWeb components with seamless design elements. A configurable "Menu" is available that can be tailored to a users Access Claims. Responsive / mobile friendly design is inbuilt with 3 steps - wide screen, narrow screen, mobile screen - and "responsive" ie automatic resizing/rearrangement. This means for example that a Grid/table display collapses into a mobile-phone friendly format when the screen is too narrow.

Documentation/Help System

Built-in documentation system allows customisable "Help" pages and on-screen prompts. Default online documentation provided for all platform components.

Database Maintenance

Category lists / Timeline Event setup and rule-based configuration.

Data Definition

The MDWeb Application Builder has all the features needed to design and deploy a complete MDWeb Application. Details are available in the inbuilt documentation system.

Data display and entry, Validation

Data entry controls are the standard web-based data entry controls (textbox, drop-down list, checkbox, radiobuttons etc), with added functionality for data validation within and between fields. The data validation system is powerful and flexible. A set of controls can be arranged to represent a view of data as a "grid" (like a spreadsheet) or "form" (one item per page), with standard functionality - Search/Filter, Add New, Edit, Delete. Multiple data views can be tied together to create a "View". All of this is a simple process of building up from components and requires little "coding" minimising opportunity to introduce bad design or "bugs".

Report System

The MDWeb Report component is a powerful SQL-based reporting engine. Interactive reports can be created and added to the application easily by a person with the right skills (or we can do it for you). Reports can be exported to a spreadsheet, word processor, as plain text or Chart templates can be created to allow direct export to an Excel(R) Chart (graph). Full documentation is provided for SQL Query writing with examples of advanced SQL techniques and how to avoid slow performance.

Internal Messaging

Can be used to notify users of events or remind them of data that needs correcting.

Data Import/Export

Critical for integration with external systems, the Import/Export component can send/receive data as XML, JSON, or plain text via email, ftp, http or manual upload/download and fully supports encrytion and secure communication (SSH/TLS). Transfer processes can be automated or manual. This component can be used for a great deal more than simple transfer of data - eg supporting a smartphone app, interfacing with primary care or patients, sending letters...

MDWeb offers a number of product types to suit multiple applications.

All products include basic features (where applicable):

Simple Online Application or Web Site (No Data Storage)

No user account required, no private data stored, example might be a score calculator or similar tool.

Online Database - Single Table

Suitable for small research projects where data collection and entry needs to be collected at multiple centres. Equivalent to a simple spreadsheet, or a paper data form. User account system required.

Multiple Table Online Database

Suitable for storing patient data and a related information, such as progress notes or data sets collected over time. Ideal for a simple Registry.

Full Online Information System

Suitable for storing patient data and medical history, problem lists, medications, documents, event timeline, progress notes. Full custom field and table functionality available. Ideal for managing chronic disease.

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