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Product Features

Detailed features of the full featured product. Some of these features are not available in some product versions.

Optimised for Slow Internet

Pages use as few resources as possible to ensure responsiveness over slow networks. Minimal graphics, fast dedicated local hosting*, efficient and fast back-end database engine, caching and simple web pages greatly improve page loading speed. Our web pages are not designed to be "pretty" for good reason. Old slow computers, slow network infrastructure and internet, and old defunct web browsers are common in public hospitals. A "modern" full featured web application becomes painfully slow.

* hosting is where the physical internet server exists physically. Speed is greatly increased by siting the server near to the users, rather than overseas, and not using cheap / slow "shared" hosting. High quality, secure hosting hardware costs millions and is beyond the capability of non-commercial institutions. Hospitals can "host" software internally but it would be painfully slow if accessed externally.

Registry Application

Setting up and operating a Registry is a complex undertaking and requires the right combination of factors for success. A common problem is the "Garbage In, Garbage Out" situation, ie dealing with poor quality, incomplete or missing user input. The MDWeb platform has extensive, high-level validation and verification features that obviate the need to have a room full of people doing "data cleaning". It is easy to use, intuitive and user-friendly which also improves end-user experience. Real-time feedback in the form of quality measures or any imaginable statistic or figure can be used to incentivise and motivate contributors. See below for presentations that explain and expand on these concepts.

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